Volleyball & Soccer

August 27-28, Sterling, VA

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    Indoor Soccer (7 on 7) includes goalie

    Indoor Volleyball (6 on 6) 

    Table Tennis

    Strongman Competition

    Address: 7447 Shipley Ave, Harmans, MD 21077


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    1. The current edition of the 2015/16 official FIVB Volleyball Rules will govern all play except as modified or amended by these local rules.


    2. Competitions will begin Saturday, 3rd Oct. 2015 at 8:00 am. Address: 7447 Shipley Ave, Harmans, MD 21077

    3. Team starting lineup sheet must be filled out and submitted at Scorer’s desk before starting of each match.

    4. No player is allowed to play for more than one team, however any player can switch teams only once before quarter finals but this change must be approved by captains of each team and presented to Nazim Volleyball before match.

    5. A match will consist of either best of three games or 3 sets. Each set to 15 points, winning by two points. All games are rallying points. A 10-minute time limit is in effect per-set. If at the end of time limit a team is not ahead by at least two points. Play will continue until one team is ahead by 2 points. A team must field at least five players at the designated starting time of the first game.

    6. If a team only has five players the center back position will be the "hole". The hole will not rotate and the team with five players will not be penalized by a loss of serve. Teams will get three (3) minutes to field their team after the three (3) minutes will result in a forfeiture of the entire match.

    7. Although the schedule for Soccer and Volleyball has been prepared carefully to minimize conflicts. A request for rescheduling a game for any reason must be notified and approved by Nazim Volleyball. Last minute notifications (less than 1 hour) will be treated as a forfeit. A team that forfeits three (3) matches during the pre-games will automatically be dropped from the competition. The remaining games will be treated as a forfeit.

    8. The teams have been divided into 3 divisions, Canada and Willingboro (Nat. Ijtema Champions) will automatically go to quarterfinals and Ansar will compete with HQ-B team to reserve their selves in quarterfinal based on overall performance in the pool. Rest of the 8 teams will compete for the other top 5 positions in the quarter finals. Should two or more teams tie for any place in the league standing, the team with the most wins & points in games between the tied teams will obtain that place. In the event the tie cannot be broken, a one game playoff will determine the standing for the teams involved. At the completion of league play, the top eight (8) teams will compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the MIST 2015 Volleyball Champion.

    9. The rotational order is in affect and is determined by the team's starting line-up and controlled with the service order and players' positions throughout the set. (7.6)

    10. The 1st referee authorizes the service, A service executed before the referee's whistle is cancelled and repeated only twice in the game (3 sets). After that either team will lose point for unauthorized service. A ball must be tossed or released from hand(s) before service(ing) hit within five (5) seconds after the referee whistles for service. (12.4)

    11. The team is entitled to a maximum of three hits (in addition to blocking), for returning the ball. If more are used, the team commits the fault of “FOUR HITS”.

    12. Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing. (11.3)

    13. The ball may touch any part of the body including open hand below waist. However, the ball must not be caught and/or thrown. It can rebound in any direction. (9.2.2) Otherwise it will be foul, “carried” called by referee.

    14. It is a foul to reach beyond the net into opponent’s side except in blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net, provided that he/she does not interfere with the opponent’s play before or during the latter's attack hit. (11.1.1)

    15. Both the team captain and the coach are responsible for the conduct and discipline of their team members. Offensive language by any players, coaches and spectators will not be tolerated.

    16. When the ball is out of play, only the game captain is authorized to speak to the referees: to ask for an explanation on the application or interpretation of the Rules, and also to submit the requests or questions of his/her teammates. If the game captain does not agree with the explanation of the 1st referee, he/she may choose to protest against such decision and immediately indicates to the 1st referee that he/she reserves the right to record an official protest on the score sheet at the end of the match.

    Good luck and have a great Competition.

    Nazim Volleyball: Naeem Arshad

    Telephone Number: (703) 587-8407

    E-Mail: [email protected]

  • Round 1 & 2 - Volleyball

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  • Round 3 & Finals - Volleyball

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Groups, Schedules, Rules, etc.

The soccer & volleyball tournament format will be a 2 day event that will conclude on Sunday by 3:00 pm.

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  • Soccer Rules

    - No slide tackling, all slide tackles are subject to yellow card or


    - Kick Offs

    May be kicked in any direction. You cannot score directly from a kick off (ball must be 100% over the mid-line to be considered on the offensive half of the field). The kick off is an indirect kick.

    - Throw ins

    The ball shall be thrown into play from the sideline.

    The ball is considered in play when the ball is touched and changes position.

    - Direct and in-direct kicks

    All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, kick-offs, free kicks) are indirect with the exception of corner kicks, hand balls, and penalty kicks. Indirect kicks must only change position before the ball will be considered in play. If a free kick is awarded within five yards of the opposing goal line, the ball will be moved back to five yards from the line. It is the referee’s discretion where the ball will be placed.

    - Goal kicks

    May be taken from any point of the goal box. All Goal Kicks are indirect kicks.

    - Penalty kicks

    Shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card). Penalty kicks are DIRECT kicks taken from 3 yards outside the box in the center of the goal.

    - Five-Yard Rule

    In all dead-ball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal is closer than five yards, the ball shall be played five yards from the goal line in line with the direction of play prior to the penalty.

    - Goal Keepers / Off-sides / Slide Tackling / Hand Ball Clarification:

    Goal keepers are restricted to using their hands only inside the penalty box and no slide tackling is allowed. If a player is sliding for the ball, contact with any player(s) from the other team is NOT ALLOWED. If a player slides and contact is initiated, a free kick shall be awarded. This does not prevent players from sliding to stop/intercept a ball where contact is not initiated during the slide. Example: a player may slide to save a ball from going out-of-bounds.

    - Hand Ball Clarification

    Deliberate handling of the ball that denies a team of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity will result in the following: (1) A penalty kick (at the discretion of the referee) (2) A yellow or red card given to the player committing the hand ball (at the discretion of the referee).

    Nazim Soccer Mirza Sharif Ahmad (571) 265-1666

    Naib Nazim: Zafir Ahmed Malik (443) 546-5859

  • Preliminary Bracket - Soccer

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  • Playoff Bracket - Soccer

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